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Equity Trust Company

With over 31 years of experience, and clients in all 50 states, Equity Trust Company is the nation's leading provider of truly self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts and Small Business Retirement Plans. Clients at Equity Trust have the option to invest their retirement funds in areas where they have knowledge and expertise, such as real estate and other alternative investments. Combining the tax-advantages basis of an IRA with a client's personal investment strategy creates a powerful pairing. Investments within an IRA are capable of compounding tax-deferred or tax-free, allowing earnings to accumulate at a greater pace than similar investments made outside of an IRA. Equity Trust Company is a passive custodian, offering neither investment advice nor investment products. This eliminates the possibility of any conflicts of interest and puts our clients in complete control of their financial future.

Setup Fee
Closing Fee
Minimum Opening Deposit
Monthly Fee
Annual Fee
$85 +

Access Fee: Form submission.
Investment Options: Both traditional (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) and non-traditional (real estate and other alternative investments) options.

Perks:  N/A.

Trading Fee:  N/A

Contact Phone:  N/A

Open Account Options:  N/A

You can visit Equity Trust Company at for complete information and application instructions.

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