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Home State Bank

Home State Bank offers HSA accounts with no set up fees, a free debt card, free checks, and full online account access.

Setup Fee
Closing Fee
Minimum Opening Deposit
Monthly Fee
Annual Fee

* Waived with opening of a
Home State Bank demand deposit account

Access Fee: All debit card transactions are free of charge.  A 50 cent fee is charged for each individual check written.

Savings account, currently paying 2.4% interest (as of March 1, 2005).

Perks: Convenient local branches throughout Larimer County, CO for "walk-in" service.  Free withdrawals (debit card transactions), easy online account access.

Contact Phone:  N/A

Open Account Options:  N/A

About Home State Bank:

For 55 years, Home State Bank has served the financial needs of Larimer County.  They are the largest locally owned bank in Larimer County, CO with more than $400 million in assets. 

You can visit Home State Bank at for complete information and application instructions.

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